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Storm Damage


Storm Damage clean up can be tedious, extremely time-consuming, and even dangerous. Whether you're in the midst of a rain storm, hail storm or hurricane season a single tree can completely damage a yard. Heavy winds can be unkind to your trees. You may find large, heavy branches all over your lawn after a storm.

Storms and high winds are very prevalent in Houston. Sudden changes of weather are upon us all too frequently. A variety of storms can cause hazardous trees to fall and cause significant damage and unsightly messes in your yard. Trees that are decayed, dying, or already dead are more prone to fall during extreme weather conditions. This is why customers who have potential hazardous trees should take preventative action to have them removed before untimely bad weather strikes.

Heavy thunder storms bring strong winds and large amounts of rain, which can cause the top portion of trees to snap, branches to fall on homes, cars, etc, and in some instances, the whole tree may fall. When this happens, we may be able to care for the tree in such a way as to save it, or it may need to be removed altogether. It is always worth evaluating your property for possible storm-related risks.

Call Cardenas Tree Service in Houston Texas today for any storm damage service. We’ll take care of the storm damage and have your property looking beautiful again!