how much water do my trees need?

Okay folks were about to be in July already! And IT IS HOT out there!

So because of all this crazy rain we've gotten it seems like actually watering our trees and plants has been on the back burner of our minds.

Well it is time to bring it to the front and get to it, and quick!

Here is what we'll be talking about in this post:

How much water do my trees need?

How often should I water my trees?

How do I know that my trees are getting enough water?

How can I make watering easier and faster?

My trees don't seem dry or dying, do I really need to keep watering so often?

Okay so First Question:

How much water do my trees need?

-That's a fairly typical but albeit difficult question to answer as it has many variables. But a good a good rule of thumb is A LOT! If you read the following tips you will get a much better idea as to how much water your tree needs.

-A little rule of thumb is to water until 10 inches of soil are moistened. This allows for deep watering of your tree that actually reaches the roots. Most tree roots are usually in the upper 12-18 inches of soil with a few bigger roots that go deeper to provide more stability for the tree.

How often should I water my trees?

-Everyone asks this question and it’s pretty debatable as well. If you have a mature tree that has been planted for more than 2 years than about once a week is sufficient. If your tree was just planted than it needs water twice a day for 2-4 weeks. Trees between these two times are somewhere in-between, every day to every few days should suffice.

-Try to water before 10am or after 7pm as this avoids the hottest parts of the day, thus wastes less water.

-You shouldn’t rely on your yard’s irrigation system to be properly watering your trees. These are usually inadequate amounts for a fully mature tree.

How do I know that my trees are getting enough water?

-The screwdriver test is what works for us. Take an 8 inch screwdriver and try putting it into the ground at the base of your tree. Is it easy to stick it all the way in? Then your tree likely is getting enough water. But if its difficult then it’s time to break out the soaker hoses and get to watering.

How can I make watering easier and faster?

-Sprinklers are an option although they lose quite a bit of the water to evaporation making them pretty inefficient but nevertheless they get the job done.

-Soaker hoses positioned in a spiral around the base of the tree is a good option for newly planted trees. But for trees that have been in the ground for a while its a good idea to put them farther out. Look at how far your tree branches reach (sideways), this 'canopy' naturally catches rainfall and drips it to the roots. So water where your tree would water. Position your soaker hose along the outside of your tree's branches.

-Try putting mulch around your tree at least 3 feet out but not touching the actual tree to help soak up more water and to keep grass and weeds at bay. Pine needles make great mulch.

My trees don't seem dry or dying, do I really need to keep watering so often? It's so expensive!

-Trees that are not properly watered become weak and are open to disease, injury and all sorts of critters taking up residence in them. And all of these lead to unstable and DANGEROUS trees that will end up costing you way more in potential damages.

Worried that your trees aren't getting enough water? That they're getting too much water? Have an unstable or sick tree? Want an expert's opinion? Give us a call today and we can help you figure it out. Our team of tree experts are ready to give you a free estimate, so call us today!

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