Hurricane Season 2017

It's June and for the gulf coast that means hurricane season is HERE! We haven't had a hurricane in a few years so some are saying that were "over due for a storm". That is the last thing that Houston needs this year with all these crazy storms and flooding! But none the less we need to be prepared (especially since we've had all that other rain!!) In previous posts we talked about how the saturated ground can lead your tree's root systems to become weak and contribute to the uprooting if your big healthy tree. Couple that factor with storm force winds, some hail and lots more rain and were in for some trouble. What can you do to help prevent damage to your home or property?

Prevention is key here!!

-Inspect your property and have and damaged, diseased and weak trees and/or branches removed. Secure loose outdoor items such as gutters and picnic tables. Clear any clogged areas or debris to prevent excess water from remaining on your property any longer than it has to. Have your roof and siding inspected for weak spots and have any fixed. Check your fences for deterioration. All these prevention methods will help to minimize potential damage to your home by securing your weak spots so to speak.

-Avoid having your trees 'topped' - a term used to describe over-pruning a tree by cutting it so

badly that it is left with few or no leaves on the branches. trees should never be topped because

it creates a dangerous tree (more about that in another post).

-Have your thick canopy trees thinned to allow wind to go through and (hopefully) not take down the tree.

-Never allow tree to grow with multiple leaders (trunks). A tree with multiple leaders are dangerous because they can easily split from the tree during a storm. Always prune so that branches are spaced 18-36"in apart along the main trunk. Remember that horizontal oriented branches are better attached to trees that upright branches. Also note that branches growing in an upright manner will turn into a second trunk (having a second leader) and should be removed.

-Palms don't need hurricane preparation pruning. Palms are made to withstand storm force winds. Just keep up with your regular trimming/cleaning of your palms to ensure their health.

Be sure to inspect your trees for signs of weakness and other possible problems should we be hit with a hurricane.

-branches hanging over structures, fences, pools or driveways.

-Trees leaning over or near your home or fence. (leaning trees indicate a problem with the root system and need professional inspection).

-Insect infestation (check out our other post on ants in trees!)

-Signs of tree disease or weakness such as peeling bark, gaping wounds, and any hollow areas. But be especially vigilant about cracks.

-Uneven or recently moved soil around the tree indicate an unsound and unstable root system which requires immediate attention (especially important to look for with our incredible amounts of rain lately; its a good idea to check out our other posts on this topic).

-Close proximity to power lines.

If you notice any of the above stated warning signs get your trees looked at by our professional team of tree experts

Hurricane season is officially upon us, Get ready Houston.

Schedule your free, no obligation estimate today and get your trees ready for Hurricane season.

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