Tree Houses and what you need to know!

Tree Houses; for the young or at least the young at heart. If you’re thinking about building one for your kids, a man cave, or even just for the cool factor you’ll want to take these tips into consideration!!! Below I have compiled a list of tips to help you build your tree house.

(1) Now obviously you will be needing one awesome tree for this project. But how do you choose a tree and is it really that important? YES! Start by assessing all of your potential trees. If you have a few viable options then you can choose based on other factors, such as preference and closeness to the house or whatever floats your boat.

(2) Make sure that the tree(s) that you’re considering are free of disease and injury. Trees have limited energy sources so once you put a building on, it can drain the tree if it isn’t healthy.

(3) Well what kind of tree is best for a tree house? You would want a harder wood tree such as oak , cherry, walnut or hickory. I would stay away from using pine trees (which are very common in our area, and thus are probably tempting to use!) as they can’t support as much along with spruce and cedars. You have to remember that no matter what type of clips you use, the strength of the wood is your limiting factor so under harsher conditions, like storm force winds, the clips can compress the wood tissue thus resulting in a failure in the tree.

(4) Don’t restrict tree growth! Trees grow over time, slowly yes, but you wouldn’t want to have your tree house warped and unstable in a few years. Make sure you leave room around the width of the tree and through the top for any branches to grow as well. Also you’ll want to keep in mind that trees move when it’s windy, so you need to account for that when you’re building.

(5) It’s much easier to build on the ground and then hoist up your pieces and put them into place. You can use ropes to get them into the right spot or you can rent (or borrow) some kind of bobcat machine or back hoe to hoist it up there.

(6) Make sure you use correct fasteners and brackets. These are made for tree houses and can withstand a lot of pressure. Research and don’t skimp out on the right fasteners!

(7) But most importantly we highly recommend that you get a professional opinion about the health of your tree from one of our tree experts. Visit our website at to set up a free, no obligation estimate.

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