Houston, We have a problem! Rain and more Rain!

Houston we have a problem!

Water, rain, and winds Oh My! We’ve had an unusually high amount of rain fall this past year. The 2016 tax day flood will be one for the record books with so much rain and flooding.

But what does that mean for your trees?

I bet that you’ve seen many a tree uprooted and on its side lately. We wrote about this problem in a previous blog not too long ago (I’m telling you, it’s been a very wet year!) But I decided to write about it again since it’s been such a prevailing problem.

If you think your trees are safe, beware! Just because you don’t see any standing water around the base of your tree doesn’t mean your tree(s) are safe. Root systems are very large and expansive. All the water that has been falling lately has been saturating the entire ground. The roots spread over a large area underground are what keep the tree upright. So once the ground is too soft, the roots have nothing to hold onto, so the weight of the tree takes it down with some wind (we’ve had a lot of that as well lately!).

So what can you do? First you need to see if your trees pose a risk to any structures such as your house, garage or shed and also to things like your pool, fences, power lines and cars. Especially if your’e in a low lying area that stays especially wet and have larger, heavier trees then you should get an expert’s opinion before disaster strikes.

Call us today for a free, no obligation estimate about the state of your trees before the next storm hits and possibly takes your tree(s) down with it. Don’t end up on the local news, give us a call and save yourself a headache.

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