Got Ants? What does that have to do with my trees?

Summer is pretty much in full swing by now. School is about to end for the summer break and you can almost feel those sun rays hitting you as you lounge in the pool. But then you see it, or worse step in it! A fire ant mound! They're obnoxious, they bite, they get into EVERYTHING and make a mess. but they can also cause catastrophic damage to your trees and thus potentially your home and property costing thousands of dollars in repairs. You see, those little pesky ants get into more than just your picnic basket or flower garden. If your trees are not properly maintained and checked they can be the ants newest vacation home. If your tree is a little sick or has some sort of hole, the ants (Fire ants or even worse, carpenter ants) can get in and eat away at the tree causing it to become weak and easily breakable; especially since hurricane season is just around the corner. Those hollow tru

nks and branches are no match for the storm force winds we will surely face this summer.

So what can you do to prevent this from happening at your home?

Go check your trees and property regularly.

Check each tree individually for signs of sickness, weak spots and ants.

Take care of any ant mounds you find on your property and be especially vigilant if you see any ants taking up residence on or near your trees.

Give us a call if you see any other issues with your trees or if you just want expert eyes to look them over for you.

Call today for your free, no obligation estimate/tree check-up.

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