Picnics, BBQ's and Falling Trees?.

Spring is here and everyone is out and about enjoying this more than beautiful weather! Clear blue skies, highs in the the 70's, who could ask for more? But whats lurking underneath the ground while you have your first picnic or BBQ of the season could cost you Thousands in damages!

What am I talking about you ask? Water, and lots of it. This past year we have had quite a bit more than our due share of rain, and because of this the ground is heavily saturated. We've had quite a few 'heavy' rains this year and the one this past week was of no help for our already saturated ground. Now how can all this water cause so many problems? The flooding is gone, and so is the threat, right? Wrong! All this saturated ground causes the tree's root system to loosen its stability and hold in the ground (yeah the ground that holds the tree in place!) plus throw in all those storm force winds, some hail and what not and you have a very dangerous situation on your hands!

This week (yes, today is ONLY Monday) we've had TWO calls just form this recent rain in regards to tree that have fallen. 1 customer had a close call with his pine tree that came within just a few feet of his fence and the power lines. But another customer wasn't so fortunate and had his shed utterly destroyed by a massive oak that was uprooted by stagnant water!

So if your'e out there having a good time and enjoying the weather (just like we are!) make it a point to go out and check that big old oak tree in your yard, yes the one that will never ever fall cause its huge and perfect. Go out and look around, and make sure disaster wont strike when your'e least expecting it. Oh and if you have no clue what you should be looking for, give us a call and we'll come out and examine the tree and the grounds. Removal is never our first option, but our last resort. Let us work with you to come up with custom plan to protect your trees and create healthier drainage for you yard.

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